Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fisher's Baptism

Fisher was baptized by his big brother, Parker.  It was a very special day for our family.  When you have children that quarrel constantly like cats and dogs, you are always pleading for it to stop--even just for a moment.  Well, that is what happened yesterday.  Something special happened to both parties.  Parker was a wonderful example to his brother and I was so happy that he was able to use his Priesthood in such a special way.  He sat with Fisher during the meeting and they were so cute to watch.

Fisher was a little nervous the week before, and asked me if he could "practice" before the real thing. That was such a Fisher thing to do.  He always thinks things through.

The day was extra special when his cousins joined with our Kaylee, Colter, and Fisher in singing a special musical number during the meeting.  They sang, "I Want To Be Baptized" and Fisher courageously sang the first verse all by himself.  The rest of the cousins joined in and it was beautiful. Terry and Kristi and their kids were able to attend, and Fisher was so glad they were there.

We are so happy for Fisher and his choice to make this special covenant with his Father in Heaven.  What a great boy he is!

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